Team Xuan Sports at Changi Airport Departure Hall
From left: Dianna, Coach JunMing, Master Kong Xiangdong, Mrs Kong

Riding the wave of post-Covid travel enthusiasm, Xuan Sports is thrilled to announce our long-awaited training trip to Japan! Currently, our team athletes are soaring through the skies, headed for our destination: Tokyo!

This trip has been a few years in planning, since we last met Master Kong Xiangdong (Chairman of the Japan Wushu Tai Chi Federation Athlete Strengthening Committee, Academic and Economic Director) in 2017. Master Kong Xiangdong's illustrious background includes being a former Taiji world champion and a member of the prestigious Beijing Wushu team since the tender age of 12. Throughout his athletic career, he claimed numerous victories in various competitions, leaving a lasting mark in the world of Wushu.

Coach Jennee with the athletes

Embarking on our previous training trips to Guangzhou was an enriching experience for our students, offering them exposure to diverse training methodologies and cultural exchanges. This trip to Tokyo promises an unparalleled opportunity that takes our students' learning and growth to new heights.

Training alongside the National Youth and National Team athletes of Japan presents a unique and invaluable experience. It's a chance for our students to immerse themselves in a different training environment, learn from some of the most skilled athletes in the country, and absorb techniques and approaches that differ from what they've previously encountered.

Check your passes, check your luggage tag, check EVERYTHING!

The Japanese National Youth and National Team athletes are known for their dedication, discipline, and technical prowess in Wushu. Interacting and practicing alongside them will not only expose our students to high-level training but also foster a deeper understanding of the sport and its nuances.

Moreover, beyond the physical training aspect, this experience in Tokyo offers a cultural exchange. It allows our students to engage with a different cultural perspective, learn about Japanese customs, and forge connections that extend beyond the realm of Wushu. This holistic experience contributes significantly to their personal and athletic development, broadening their horizons and nurturing a global outlook.

Coach Jennee briefing the boys
Coach Jennee & Coach Aaron

Finally, here's an advanced "thank you' to our accompanying coaches: Jennee, Aaron and Alvin, who will juggle the roles of nannies and coaches in this trip. 

Enjoy the trip, people!