Yin Shuen at the 15th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship
Coach JunMing & Yin Shuen

In the wee hours of the morning, Le Yin Shuen was pleasantly surprised by Xuan Sports Wushu's Coach JunMing for receiving her at the airport upon her return from the 15th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship, held from 17 to 19 March 2017. This welcoming gesture from her coach is his way of congratulating her for her excellent showing at the international Wushu competition held in Hong Kong, as a representative of the Singapore National Wushu Team. 

This time round, Yin Shuen was selected by the Singapore Wushu Dragon and Lion Dance Federation, together with other athletes from the Singapore National Wushu Team, to participate in the 15th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship. this competition is a preparation for the athletes who are in the training team for the upcoming South-east Asian games in August later this year.

With three events to compete in, Yin Shuen had a hectic schedule in the competition. It was known that the three events all occurred within one day! This is definitely a taxing schedule for any Wushu athlete but Yin Shuen did not disappoint and delivered results in all the three events she competed in. 

Yin Shuen had won a total of three medals: gold medal in the 'optional' Sword event, silver medal in the 'optional' Changquan event and bronze medal in the 'optional' Spear event. In this case, 'optional' events are the so-called 'free-style' events in Wushu Taolu in which the athletes perform taolu of their own choreography, instead of following a set taolu. These free-style events pose more difficulties as athletes in general, are used to learning the set international taolus from young and are often not used to performing newly choreographed taolus. Yin Shuen has done her due diligence in training and therefore, brought about good results in this Wushu competition. Worth mentioning here is the fact that Yin Shuen had to face many older and more experienced athletes in her events and to win them is no mean feat. We are happy that she has managed to be successful in beating the older athletes and are sure that this is a big confidence boost for her. With this experience, Yin Shuen will be better prepared for other international competitions in face of older and more experienced athletes. 

We have to emphasize here that Yin Shuen is currently a full-time secondary school student and with her Wushu trainings, as well as, school work to cope with, she has definitely been an exemplary example of time-management. Such is the making of a role-model for all our athletes to look up to.

We are really proud of her for this. Congratulations and well done, Yin Shuen! We look forward to her excellent performance in the upcoming National Schools Wushu Championship. 

Below are images of her in the competition, courtesy of her parents. 

Yin Shuen in the optional spear event - 15th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship
Yin Shuen in the optional spear event - 15th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship
Yin Shuen in the optional Changquan event - 15th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship
Yin Shuen in the optional sword event - 15th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship