Xuan Sports 10th Anniversary Show

The Production Geniuses

The talented team of Fiction Shore

The conceptual vision of the “Xuan Show” (we shall use this nickname here) came about in our discussion with Fiction Shore co-founder and creative director, Mr Koo Chia Meng. For those who are not aware, Chia Meng’s reputation is renowned in the film and theatre industry. He was Casting Director for Singaporean feature films such as Boo Junfeng’s ‘Apprentice’ (2016), Anthony Chen’s ‘Ilo Ilo’ (2013) and ‘Wet Season’ (2019), as well as He Shuming’s ‘Ajoomma’ (2022). Most recently, he directed Singaporean actors Andie Chen and Rui En for his upcoming short film ‘Yearbook’, a co-production with Giraffe Pictures. Xuan Sports is indeed privileged to have the opportunity to work with Chia Meng in the production of our 10th Anniversary Show which, we had wanted to showcase the best of Wushu, Taiji and all other special elements such as Festive Drums, Lion Dance and Flips & Jumps.

Teaming up with Chia Meng are Xu Xin’en and Maximilian Liang (Max). Xin’en is an astute producer who is really a veteran in the industry despite her young age. Not only was she the multimedia producer for NDP 2017, 2018, 2020, 2021 and 2022, she was also the production coordinator in the Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2017, 2018 and 2022. This talented young lady also currently manages two prolific local actors, Hossan Leong and Siti Khalijah.

Mastermind behind the three mini docufilms in the show is Max, who is an IMDA scholar with a bachelor’s degree in Film from LASALLE School of the Arts. Max’s thesis short film “Home Planet” won the Best Cinematography Award in the Open Youth Category at the National Youth Festival Awards in 2022. This explains the moving storytelling behind those docufilms that he produced for Xuan Sports' 10th Anniversary Show.

The Never-ending Rehearsals

Wu Bu Quan performers rehearsing
Coach Alvin getting performers ready
Taiji Rehearsal

After countless hours of rehearsals and many changes made to the individual items of the show, the Xuan Sports 10th Anniversary Show was born! We have decided that the audience was to experience a total of 14 exhilarating components: Lion Dance, Taiji Quan, Wu Bu Quan, 3-Duan Chang Quan, Taiji Jian & Taiji Shan, Gun (Cudgel) Shu, Nan Dao (Southern-style Broadsword), Jian (Straight Sword) Shu, Dao (Broadsword) Shu, Nan Gun (Southern-style Cudgel), Nan Quan (Southern-style Fist), Qiang (Spear) Shu, Festive Drums and Flips & Jumps (with Flags).  On top of that, Team Fiction Shore has decided to tell the stories of our four protagonists in three short docufilms that trace a typical student’s journey in our academy from Basic Wushu, to Elite Wushu and eventually, to being a coach guiding the next generation of Wushu athletes.

Lion Dance – The Mischievous Little Lion

Lion Dance
Lion Dance - Playing with the stick

Performed by the Xuan Sports Lion Dance Team consisting of Eyan Seow (as lion “head”), Kyle Fang (as lion “tail”), plus the instrument team of Chong Jing Yik on drum with Kallen Lee, Emanuel Chua and Jayron Loh on the cymbals, we are so proud of our “little” Lion Dance team as they faced the immense pressure of performing in front of an audience consisting of various veterans from the traditional lion dance troupes here!

This routine was choreographed by Coach JunMing who had wanted to present the cute and fun side of lion dance. Therefore, instead of the traditional lion dance routine of having the lion “plucking the green” he choreographed it such that the lion came upon a cudgel and started playing with it, thus, displaying its Wushu skills of handling it! Finally, our little lion found a neglected pot of wine and helped itself to its final drunken stupor. Coach Jon must’ve been proud as he was in charge of training the team for this marvellous performance.

Taij Quan, Taiji Jian (Sword) & Taiji Shan (Fan)

Taiji Quan
Taiji Quan
Tan Bao Xin in Taiji Quan

Touted as the most beautiful items in the performance, our Taiji team delivered something that brought the audience out of this world. The Taiji segments were choreographed by our head coach of Taiji, Coach Jennee, who is renowned within the Taiji community. She was a silver medalist in for Taijijian in the 1999 World Wushu Championships. Twenty four years later, Cholene Aw, Coach Jennee’s daughter (also Xuan Sports athlete), won the gold medal for the same event (Taijijian) in the 11th Asian Youth Wushu Championships! A chip off the old block indeed. Cholene was featured in a solo in the Taiji Quan segment and also performed a Taiji Dui-Lian (choreographed sparring) with Gareth Cheong.

Cholene Aw (blue costume), Ashley Tay (pink costume) in Taiji Jian
Gareth Cheong in Taiji Shan

The Taiji Jian & Taiji Shan item presents another part of Taiji which is seldom presented together, thanks to the creativity of Coach Jennee. She has pieced together the two different weapons for Taiji in such a graceful performance that mesmerised the crowd. Performing the Dui-Lian for this segment are Xuan Sports athletes, Joshua Wong and Goh Wen Xi.

Wu Bu Quan & 3-Duan Chang Quan

Coach Si Yuan leading the students to recite Xuan Sports Motto
Wu Bu Quan
Di Zi Gui

Wu Bu Quan has to be the absolute cutest segment that earned the loudest applause from the audience. Our Basic Wushu students flexed their skills on-stage with many of them performing for the very first time. We have a few youngest performers who are only five years old!  Yet, these little Bravehearts did their best and rightfully deserved every single applause for them.

We also took the chance to showcase a very unique feature in Xuan Sports Wushu academy – our Values lessons! Coach Si Yuan was shown to teach the students to recite a segment of the Di Zi Gui, which is what we do monthly to inculcate good values in our students.

Ronan Tan in 3-Duan Chang Quan
3-Duan Chang Quan Handsome boys!
3-Duan Chang Quan - Performing with Zest & Energy
Oliver Lee in 3-Duan Chang Quan

In 3-Duan Chang Quan, more advanced Basic Wushu students performed this more complex routine that is competed for in international and local Wushu Youth competitions. Leading the pack with their solo performances are Ronan Tan and Oliver Lee – both of whom are part of the National Youth Team in Singapore. Ronan recently won 2 bronze medals for Singapore in the 11th Asian Youth Wushu Championships! 

Gun Shu (Cudgel)

Gun Shu Performers
Soloist for Gun Shu - Ethan Lee
Brandon Chong in Gun Shu

The exhilarating Gun Shu item started in silence with a solo routine performed by Ethan Lee Tai Jun who impressed the audience with his cudgel techniques. Another highlight of this item was senior elite athlete, Julius Lee, who stunned the audience with his stationary back flip in the middle of the routine. It was indeed a heart-stopping experience watching the Gun Shu item.

Nan Dao (Southern-style Broadsword), Nan Gun (Southern-style Cudgel) & Nan Quan (Southern-style Fist)

Eniileri Osinaike in Nan Dao

This segment needs some explanation for those not in the know.

The southern style of Chinese martial arts refers to a classification of Chinese martial arts that originated in Southern China. They are characterized by emphasis on "short hitting" and specific arm movements, predominantly in southern styles such as Hung Kuen, Choi Lei Fut, Hak Fu Mun, Wuzuquan, Wing Chun, and so on. Contemporary Nan Quan features vigorous, athletic movements with very stable, low stances, extensive hand techniques and a vocal articulation called “fa sheng” ("release shout"), which is the predecessor of the Japanese and Korean martial arts kiai  (adapted from Wikipedia).

In our Nan Dao item, Krislyn Ong led the pack at the beginning. This is an attempt to showcase our team of girls in the Southern-style routines. The Southern-style routines usually have less girls participating given that the movements require lots of strength and girls are usually shy when it comes to the “fa sheng” part. At Xuan Sports, we are proud to have a healthy team of girls in the Nan Dao, Nan Gun and Nan Quan events. Eniileri Osinaike, one of the protagonists of the docufilms, also performed some solo portions in the Nan Dao item. 

Ethan Pang in Nan Gun Solo

Nan Gun, which is the pet event of Xuan Sports founder JunMing when he was an athlete, started with a solo part by Ethan Pang. Ethan started as a Basic Wushu student in Xuan Sports’ Wushu enrichment lessons in his primary school from seven years old and has become a veteran in the team. We took the chance to showcase our all-girls team within the Nan Gun routine, featuring only the girls. Those who are observant would have noticed this.

Nan Quan Girls - (from left) Crystal Chia, Veronica Tey, Krislyn Ong
Nan Quan Boys - Kaeyan New (Centre), Cedrik Peh (Left), Eldrick Lee (Right)
Tan Yu Ren in Nan Quan

In Nan Quan, Pearlyn Ong (sister of Krislyn Ong, who was mentioned previously) led the segment with her solo routine. Some fun facts to share of our Nan Quan performers: there are four sets of siblings in this item, namely the Ong sisters (Pearlyn, Krislyn and Kellyn Ong), the Tan siblings (Tan Yu Ren, Tan Yan Jia and Tan Yi Jia), the Tang siblings (Rayne and Shayne Tang) and the Lai-Cheong siblings (Skyla and Rennette Lai-Cheong); a second-year NUS medical student amongst them (Crystal Chia) and also, a working adult and foreign talent in the team (Kristelynne Lota). The Xuan family is indeed blessed to have a diverse team of performers! 

Jian Shu (Double-Edged Straight Sword)

Natashya Loo in Jian Shu
Rayen Tan in Jian Shu
Kenji Tan in Jian Shu

Known in Chinese folklore as the “Gentleman of Weapons” the jian is a double-edged straight sword used during the last 2,500 years in China (Wikipedia). Breaking away from its traditional elegance, Jian Shu, known for its graceful and fluid movements, found itself paired with an unexpected accompaniment: fast-paced, rhythmic music. Heidi Kong, gold medallist in the 10th Asian Junior Wushu Championships in 2019 and silver medallist in the 7th World Junior Wushu Championships in 2018 for Jian Shu, took the lead, initiating the performance with a mesmerizing solo.

Dao Shu (Broadsword)

Oliver Lee in Dao Shu
Dao Shu
Charlie Yau in Dao Shu solo

Traditionally confined to male competitors in Wushu tournaments, the Dao Shu routines have undergone a remarkable evolution in modern Wushu. Breaking barriers, girls have embraced this routine, once exclusive to boys. Among these trailblazers stands Charlie Yau, a daring and talented soloist for the Dao Shu performance. Her awe-inspiring routine captivated the audience, showcasing her exceptional skill and determination.

Qiang Shu (Spear)

Leah Tan in Qiang Shu Solo
Kavan Pang in Qiang Shu
Skyler Fan in Qiang Shu
Chace Ang in Qiang Shu

Qiang Shu is an event that uses a spear using Chang Quan methods of movement. The Qiang is also known as the “King of Weapons” amongst the four major weapons in ancient China. The Qiang Shu performance commenced with the captivating solo act of Leah Tan, set against a backdrop of dramatic melodies. As Leah took the stage, her graceful and commanding movements enthralled the audience, holding them spellbound with each poised gesture. Among the Qiang Shu performers is Clarisse Ang, who is featured in the docufilm as well.

Festive Drums

Festive Drums led by Coach Ziqi
Tok Ming Zhao in Festive Drums
Coach Ziqi in Festive Drums

As the show crescendoed, the Festive Drums took centre stage, featuring a dynamic ensemble that included several of our esteemed coaches: Zi Qi, Aaron, Alvin, Jon, and Jeven, easily recognized by the keen-eyed audience. Adding to the richness of this performance, we're fortunate to showcase a blend of former and current Xuan Sports students, all of whom dedicated countless hours to rehearsing. Their commitment has culminated in an extraordinary rendition of the Festive Drums, a testament to their hard work and dedication.

Flips & Jumps (& Flags!)

Jerron Darian Woo in Flips & Jumps (Flag Dance)
Coach Alvin leaping in the air with Coach Jeven on flag
The Impressive Finale for Xuan 10th Anniversary Show

The show's grand finale bursts forth with Flips & Jumps intertwined with the artistry of the Flag Dance! This spectacle seamlessly weaves in the Flag Dance, a captivating homage to yet another facet of Chinese culture. A gasp escaped the audience as performers catapulted off the trampoline, soaring into breathtaking somersaults! Suspended in anticipation, spectators couldn’t help but held their breath during these gravity-defying moments. Among the skilled stunt artists executing these feats are Elysia Tung, Pearlyn Ong, Eyan Seow, Sarah Yau, Ezanne Ho, Coach Jeven, Julius Lee and Coach Alvin.

However, stealing the spotlight are the heart-stopping solo performances in flips & jumps delivered by Coach Alvin and Julius, leaving an indelible mark on the audience with their awe-inspiring prowess.

The 3 Short Docufilms Explained

Si Yuan

The show's unique essence lies in a collection of mini-documentaries spotlighting the four central figures of our narrative – Clarisse Ang, Leah Tan, Eniileri Osinaike, and Coach Si Yuan. These captivating documentaries traced the journey of an ordinary student within our Wushu academy. From their initiation in Basic Wushu to the zenith of Elite Wushu, culminating in their inspirational transition into coaching within our academy, each story is a testament to dedication and passion.

These narratives are artfully interwoven with the personal experiences of our protagonists, breathing life into the transformative journey they've undertaken within the realm of Wushu.

It’s a Wrap!

Our cutest performers

We're elated with the overwhelming success of the Xuan 10th Anniversary Show, delivering an unparalleled, immersive experience that had our audience at the edge of their seats throughout the thrilling performance. Our heartfelt gratitude extends to the understanding parents of our young performers and the dedicated working adults who committed their time and energy to this show.

The Angels - our Parent Volunteers
Mummy Wendy styling Coach Joseph's hair
Mummy Joscelyn on makeup
Mummy Celine doing makeup
Mummy Sharon & Mummy Wendy
The frenzy backstage

A special acknowledgment goes to our invaluable team of Parent Volunteers, whose tireless efforts backstage ensured the seamless presentation of our performers on stage. 

Thank you, Coaches!

Additionally, our coaches went above and beyond, doubling their workload to make this event a reality. Thank you for all the hard work.

From left: Ms Saw Phaik Hwa, Mr Ash V., Professor Elmie Nekmat, Coach JunMing, MP Ms Tin Pei Ling, Dr. Nick Aplin

A heartfelt shoutout is due to our esteemed guests-of-honour: Ms. Tin Pei Ling, Member of Parliament for MacPherson SMC, and Professor Elmie Nekmat, Branch Chairman of PAP Sengkang Central Branch. We're immensely grateful for the presence of our special guests: Mr. Nick Aplin, Deputy Director, Sport Heritage at SportSG; Ms. Saw Phaik Hwa, former CEO of SMRT; and Mr. Ash V., founding partner of DIH Holdings Pte Ltd and generous sponsor of our show.

Founders of Xuan Sports - Dianna & JunMing

Last but not least, sharing a rare snippet of the founders of Xuan Sports – the dynamic duo. A rare sight of the “lady boss” who has been with Xuan Sports from Day 1 and the faceless worker who has done everything from cleaning Xuan’s toilet (yes, we did have a toilet in one of our old premises) to coaching (she started the Basic Wushu class in Bukit Batok East C.C. long ago) to all the nitty gritty stuff of business development, accounting and administration. Perhaps, she deserves some attention here.


Xuan 10th Anniversary Show at the Ho Bee Auditorium, University Cultural Centre, NUS

Finally, A BIG THANK YOU to each and every individual involved – your support and dedication made this milestone event an unforgettable success!