We had the privilege of catching the Wing Chun dance musical at the Esplanade theatre and are really honoured to have the key members of their team visited us at Xuan Sports HQ!โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’

This spectacular show is scripted by Feng Shuangbai, President of the Chinese Dancers Association, and directed by Han Zhen & Zhou Liya who are Twin Stars of the Chinese Choreographers & is presented by Shenzhen Opera & Dance Theatre. It is produced by International Cultural Exchange Association of Shenzhen, China and Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism & Sports of Shenzhen, China.

Among the visitors, we have Mr Ding (Director in the Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism & Sports of Shenzhen, China), Grand Master Li Bin (Chairman of Shenzhen Wushu Association, Vice-president of Guangdong Sports & Health Association, Chairman of the International Sun Lutang Martial Arts Federation & President of the Hongwu Tai Chi Academy), Ms Han Zhen & Zhou Liya, Grand Master Su Zi Fang (Tai Chi), Grand Master Ge Chunyan (Bagua Zhang), Grand Master Royce Ang (Founder of the Singapore Traditional Wushu Federation), Grand Master Picasso Tan (Asia Wushu Champion) and of course, the stars of the show - the lead dancers of Wing Chun!ย 

Xuan students were awed by the short performances of the dancers' routines in the various Traditional Martial Arts forms such as Wing Chun, Bagua Zhang, Baji Quan & Tang Lang Quan. Of course we had to present our pride & joy - Cholene Aw - who did a flawless Tai Chi routine in front of everyone that earned her endless applause from the audience!โค๏ธ

The exchange is successful & fruitful as we had the chance to admire the routines by Grand Master Li Bin, Grand Master Su Zi Fang & Grand Master Ge Chunyan! They also shared various tips with the dancers & coaches them to improve on their martial arts form.

Xuan Sports is excited to have such a rare and great opportunity!

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