Xuan Sports is proud to be invited to perform at the Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival Stage Show 2022 on 10 Sept 2022. Tonight we featured our young Wushu exponents: youngest at the age of 6!

They have put up a phenomenal performance within a short notice and few rehearsals. We believe that besides bringing joy to the celebration, the kids also gained valuable experience from this event.

Here are the names of our young warriors. We would also like to thank parents for their support to make this performance such a success.

Name of performers:

Tobias Phua En Hao
Eyan Seow Jin Yi
New Wei Jun Kaeyan
Josh Teo Chi Lin
Eniileri Olulasami Osinaike
Chia Le En
Goh Zi Bin
Christopher Linus Ang
Clarisse Liesel Ang
Jerron Darion Wo
Kyle Fang Ding Rong
Charlayne Chiang
Cheng Tingwei Jessie

We're proud of you ??????❤️❤️❤️