Congratulations to our winners (Our Schs and Xuan Athletes) for Day 3 of NSG Wushu 2022 (Pri Junior Division):


NSG 2022 Junior Division

*Day 3 (3rd Aug 2022)*


*4 Duan Broadsword (Junior Girls)*

7th Position - Low Zi Shan Estee (Keming Pri)

19th Position - Luo Bei Hao (Rulang Pri)


*5 Duan Broadsword (Junior Boys)*

2nd Position - Lee Lin Kai Oliver (PEPS)


*1st International Broadsword (Junior Boys)*

2nd Position - Yong Jun Yuan Lucas (CHS)


*1st International Nan Dao (Junior Boys)*

6th Position - Ang Sheng Yang Eddy (Unity Pri)

10th Position - New Wei Jun Kaeyan (Tao Nan School)

11th Position - Tan Yang Zhe Noah (CHS)

12th Position - Quek Sze Chen Darren (Keming Pri)

14th Position - Aiden John Price (NanHua Pri)


*24 Style TaiJiQuan (Junior Girls)*

9th Position - Yeo Yihui Vivienne (Fairfield Methodist Pri)

11th Position - Adele Low Yi Ting (Keming Pri)

12th Position - Siow Jing En (De La Salle School)

17th Position - Elisha Toh (West Grove Pri)

21st Position - Cheng Tingwei Jessie (CCKPS)

23rd Position - Fan Xinqi Sara (Clementi Pri)

24th Position - Pang Wei Shan (MTS)

26th Position - Tng Yuan Ling Janelle (MTS)

27th Position - Heng Si Ying (Keming Pri)


*4 Duan Broadsword (Junior Boys)*

1st Position - Tan Suang Hang Ronan (Chen XuanHan) (Pioneer Pri)

2nd Position - Dimitris Tay Len Xin (St Anthony Pri)

4th Position - Lee Tze Kai (MTS)

12th Position - Loh Yong Jie (Lakeside Pri)

16th Position - Koh Feng Kai (CHS)

17th Position - Qiu Yuexiao (Unity Pri)

18th Position - Yeo Hongyi Ethan (Fairfield Methodist Pri)

20th Position - Goh Jun Rui Ethan (MTS)

21st Position - Chen Zong Ze (Lakeside Pri)

56th Position - Hwang Jing Kai Cayden (Keming Pri)


*5 Duan Broadsword (Junior Girls)*

1st Position - Charlie Yau Zhi Qing (Ai Tong School)


*5 Duan Sword (Junior Boys)*

1st Position - Zhu Yucheng (Keming Pri)

2nd Position - Ng Qian Hern (NanHua Pri)


*5 Duan Sword (Junior Girls)*

10th Position - Nur Kayyisah Binte Wan Muhammad Khaliq (Keming Pri)


*24 Style TaiJiQuan (Junior Boys)*

3rd Position - Kaito Nagai Chin (CHS)

7th Position - Ryson Foo Zhikai (HPPS)

11th Position - Tan Yan Yang Thaddeus (Lianhua Pri)


For those who didn't win today, we're also PROUD of you!!


Stay positive & look forward to your next event/competition!


As part of our values education, we would like to remind our students to always thank their coaches, especially those present at the competition ground who help them with the hair & makeup.