📣 Exciting News! 🎉 Xuan Sports is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Frontier Primary School for their MTL fortnight activities! 🏫🥋

We're honored to be invited once again to conduct a captivating Wushu workshop for the talented primary 3 students. 🌟 Witness their incredible progress and enthusiasm as they showcased their own home-grown talents, Kyle Fang Ding Rong from class 3RY4 and Yap Zi Qin from class 3RY1. 👏

Our passionate coaches delivered an awe-inspiring performance, leaving the students in awe. 💫 But that's not all! The students also had the chance to experience the world of Wushu firsthand, learning the foundational movements of 5 Bu Quan. 🥊

A big thank you to Frontier Primary School for inviting us, and congratulations to all the students for their dedication and eagerness to explore the beauty of Wushu! 🌟 Stay tuned for more exciting updates and adventures with Xuan Sports! 💪

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