🎉 Exciting News! 🥋 We're thrilled to announce that our talented Xuan athletes will be proudly representing Singapore at the 11th Asian Youth Wushu Championship in Macau, China from 14-21 Aug 2023! 🇸🇬🥇

Join us in cheering for our outstanding athletes:

Cholene Aw Rui Ren 🌟 Competing in Female 'B' Division 42 Style Taiji Quan and 42 Style Taiji Jian.

Ronan Tan Suang Hang 🌟 Competing in Male 'C' Division 3 Duan Chang Quan, 4 Duan BroadSword, 4 Duan Cudgel.

Shelby Seah JunLing 🌟 Competing in Female 'C' Division 3 Duan Chang Quan, 4 Duan Sword, 4 Duan Spear.

Let's send them our best wishes for a fantastic performance, showcasing their skills and true sportsmanship on the grand stage. 🤞🎯 Together, let's make Team Singapore and Xuan Sports incredibly proud! 🙌🎊

A heartfelt thank you to the Singapore National Wushu Lion and Dragon Dance Federation for this incredible opportunity! 🙏🦁🐉

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