🌟 Announcing Xuan Sports Year End Assessment 2023 (YEA 2023) 🌟

We are thrilled to unveil the much-anticipated Xuan Sports Year End Assessment 2023! 🎉 This event promises to be a remarkable opportunity for all our talented students to showcase their skills, demonstrate growth, and embrace new challenges.

📚 YEA 2023 Highlights:
🏆 Comprehensive Evaluation: Our dedicated coaches will assess each student's progress across various aspects of their chosen disciplines.
🎭 Dynamic Performances: Witness captivating demonstrations that highlight the hard work and dedication of our students throughout the year.
🌍 Broadened Horizons: Engage in friendly competitions, workshops, and interactive sessions, allowing students to broaden their knowledge and skills.

🗓️ Mark your calendars: YEA 2023 will take place on 15-17 Dec 2023 at Xuan Sports @ Bestway (HQ). All students are expected to participate and contribute to this extraordinary event.

🙌 Let's celebrate the achievements of our talented students and applaud their commitment to personal growth and excellence! 🎉

Stay tuned for more updates and details about YEA 2023. This is an event you won't want to miss!

Do Scan the QR Code in the Poster, Or/ via this link below to register.

Do take note that Registration is open till 30 September 2023, 2359H

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